4 Hi Rolling Mill

4 Hi Rolling Mill

Heavy duty machine for larger applications for the continuous production of plate, sheet shim, non ferrous materials including aluminium, brass, copper and precious metals.

The work rolls are easy to remove and install, so that the machine can be used in 2Hi or 4Hi mode.

Available with central screw-down (as shown) or side worm power screw-down system both with a calibrated wheel which shows the roll gap in inches and metric.

The rolls are carbon alloy steel heat treated to operate under heavy loads for continuous production.

The drives are heavy duty coaxial reduction gearboxes with triple stage helical driven three phase motor. Drive motor requirements are relative to production demands. Variable speed is also available.

Emergency stop buttons are provided at front, rear and side of machine. The control console incorporates all functions required and can include roll torque readouts. Coiling and uncoiling attachments are also available.

Other machines in the range available are pattern mills, wire mills and wire flattening mills. Machines also made to customer own specifications and demands.

The Company will also modify customers machines for greater product accuracy. Modification can also be carried out for space saving. Machines can be repaired and overhauled and replacement rolls fitted.